Interview: Busy P – Levis Unbuttoned Tour, Vienna

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDer Ed Banger Gründer Pedro Winter aka Busy P, der Justice und Uffie und andere Stars der Elektro-Szene unter Vertrag hat, war gestern im Rahmen der Levis Unbuttoned Tour in einer vollen Fluc Wanne zu Gast und gab vorher noch im Hotel im zehn Minuten Takt Interviews.
Sehr redselig für jemanden, der am Vortag die Registratur in München rockte und erst um 6 Uhr (laut ihm) nach hause ging.

Ein Interview, das nicht ganz nach Schema F verlief, und zu einem Gespräch über gebrochene Finger (“The worst day of my life!”), die Pariser Club-Landschaft, Erfolg und Mode wurde. Und das alles in einem  charmanten französischen Englisch.

Open beginning, open end…

All underground stations in Vienna are plastered with the poster of the Levis tour and you. Have you seen it?

No no. We arrived a bit later. 6pm or something, but unfortunately we weren´t in the nice parts. Which is very sad. During the tour we travel with the Intercity and arrive in the evening. And mostly I am doing interviews and don´t have time to go out and to see people who I would love to meet. So next time I am thinking about doing it through Myspace like “If you wanna show me around…” to see the nice places.
The street with the H&Ms wasn´t really sexy. So we didn´t seen much about Vienna.

But talking about the poster, I´ve seen some of them during the tour and it´s a bit crazy and a little bit too much of it.

You´ve managed a lot of artists before. So what was you´re inital step to found your own record label Ed Banger?

I created Ed Banger all by accident in fact. I was 20 years old when I started with Daft Punk. Learned my job and my life. And it was like 2003 I met Justice, Mr. Flush, some artists I really liked their music and I was like “I wanna get involved with you and want to share my experience with you”, but I didn´t want to be their manager, just to put out their music.
When we put out the first distract [of their album] We are your friends it went crazy really fast and I managed to put out Uffie, SebastiAn and the kids were following us. So it´s in fact an accident, but it´s becoming a bit too big for me. I´m not complaining, but it came a bit fast.

A big responsibility?

Exactly. A lot of people don´t know what I am talking about and I often say that. It´s a lot of responsibility, because kids are watching us and are following us, but they expect that we are innovative and to renew ourself, because that´s what it´s all about, but time will tell. I am there for three years, but the cycle is gonna change and of course new kids will be the “new Ed Banger”.
But soon people will need to renew their thing and people will not be as excited as they were in the beginning of course.

The next questions I was thinking about if I should ask you, but… When is the next Justice album coming out?

I hope 2011. I can´t say really, but we have 2009… Oh no! Maybe next year! 2010.

For a couple of years the music industry is quite in a change, because of the internet and facing hard times. So the modell of the Full Service Agency like creating a lifestyle of music and fashion is really important now. Do you think Ed Banger found this loophole at the right time?

I don´t know if we are the first one, but…

The most successful ones?

Maybe. But it was a really natural way. Like it wasn´t planned. I am not sitting down with my team and we plan for the next months or whatever. It´s just like we are. I am born in 1975, so I am 34 years old and thinking about of what I do is the time I grew up with are the 80s. The marketing, the images, the ambition, the challenge, all this is like the foundation and of course there is the 90s, the technology, the communication and the fact that we have access to everything and maybe in a few hours somebody in Tokyo will read this interview, which five years ago it was not like that. And the thing about it all is just possible today. And in one year or even less it will be again very different.
I don´t want to make the music of tomorrow, I want to make the music of today and that´s it…. [smiling]

Music and Fashion has a very similar language and both worlds are dependent on each other.… You´re married to the Managing PR director of Colette….

Unfortunately she´s not my wife anymore.

Oh! Sorry! [Was für ein Fettnäpfchen. Auf Wiki stand aber noch was ganz anderes. grumpf]

She used to be, because she resent lately, the Head of Communication of Colette which was a funny thing, because I knew Colette before I met my wife, but yeah…music and fashion is linked of course because we are living in two worlds which are completly free. In music you can express yourself and in fashion look what they´re doing..everybody is free and crazy…. I think it´s a good ping pong thing. Music without fashion wouldn´t be as excited and in return. Music needs fashion and sometimes a little bit more…and of course we are Parisian so we are born and raised in Paris, center of the world [mit Augenzwinkern] and center of fashion and again it´s like a natural thing. And I feel lucky about it.

So it was the next thing to get up with Levis and you´ve your own limited edition…

Yeah! And we are launching a brand called Coolcats with some friends in Paris. But again I´ve done some things with the label and we´re doing some jackets. I don´t know, but it´s again a question of time. Nowadays we can set up a store easily with the internet and luckily with the music I have some money on the side and can invest and do the T-Shirts and pay some people to take care of it.
It´s just a fine adventure. It´s nice to wear a shirt that you can design yourself…

Back to music. Ponystep is in Paris for quite some time now. Did it change the club scene?

In Paris? Not at all. This is really difficult. I´ve experienced Boombox and Ponystep in London, but it´s like fashion – it is often crazy but is going really fast and Ponystep is not what it used to be. Richard [Mortimer] the guy who did Ponystep knows how to party, and mixing the crowd and we had a really nice time in London.
In Paris I went to it only one time, but it´s a bit more difficult. During fashion week it went crazy, impossible to get in and one month later and it wasn´t fashion week anymore it went quiet.
It needs a lot of work to be successful. Wish them luck, but again it´s important… they should do it like once in a month.

About fashion design. Have you had any experience with Austrian fashion designers like Peter Pilotto?

No. In fact I don´t know any of it. Sorry.
What was his name?

Peter Pilotto.

Sorry. No.

Doesn´t matter. I´ve heard you´re a big fan of Viktor & Rolf!

I am a big fan of Viktor & Rolf! They´re amazing and brilliant and you know what? They are artists like you can call them designer, but what they´re doing is pure art. I´ve seen their exhibition in London and it was like “Wow!” I was really impressed and I am really impressed by the Belgium crazy guy Martin Margiela and like that who are doing for me more art than cutting clothes.
During fashion week I am often going to shows, but I am not going to 20 shows a day. I am going to 2 or 3 shows and just to see as if I was going to the theater.
That´s why I like Jeremy Scott, because he is putting a lot of firm into it. I am going to Chanel, because it´s a lot classy one and it´s the biggest show ever. I am pretty attracted by this industry and world.

I am a fashion blogger myself. And what´s your experience with it?

Do you know our blog? It´s – I love it.

Do you write a lot?

Yes. Every day! And we have like 3000 people reading every day. It´s really good, but I think it´s just the beginning.
Before that I used to blog on some American and Japanese blogs so yeah I like blogging. I am taking them like magazines. Although I am still reading Dazed & Confused and Purple Magazine.

So my last question is: What can we expect from the next Ed Banger Compilation?

You know what? You´re not the first one asking me this. But I am not planning it. We did three, but we didn´t plan number four.

Well…. you know everything now. Have you got a ticket for tonight?

Yes. Otherwise I will kill somebody.

Well, I am a bit wasted. Today we were in Munich, till 6 o´clock in the morning. Completly drunk.

You´re looking quite fresh for that. ;)

I was like …uff…

Und nachher hat Busy P noch allen Stylekingdom Lesern ein Bildchen gemalt und dabei über die Tortur mit seinem gebrochenen Finger (Tür auf, Tür zu, Finger dazwischen) erzählt.

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